Factory Finish Painting Includes
  • Aluminum - Siding - Vinyl Siding - Metal Fences

  • Hollow Metal doors - Aluminum Windows

  • Aluminum Window - Hollow Metal doors

  • Hollow Metal door - Metal Door Jambs

  • Metal Railing - Front Garage Door

 If you ever want the opportunity to see first-hand the process of creating a superior quality factory finish and why the finishing process is vital to ensuring the durability of your vinyl siding,


We would love the opportunity to show you. We think it is important for you to know what to expect in order to make an educated decision and understand the difference between a long lasting  factory finish vs a regular Roll and brush.


 Both methods can be done.  But only one can be applied to metal finishes that will give the durability and a long lasting finish

Exterior Paint coating

  • Stucco - Stone - Brick - Concrete - Fiber Cement 

High Style Painting has gain the experience for that reason enabled us to  understand the logistics involved in painting a workspace. From the first stages of planning  to the final clean up, High Style Painting can be relied upon  to providing  efficient, professional  service, while causing minimal disruption to your day to day business operations. 

Whether your job is large or small you can be assured that High Style Painting will treat your commercial painting project with care and attention.

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20140924_104735 (1)