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Wall Paper Removal 

Wallpaper removal, like other home improvement jobs, can require more effort than initially thought and it is important to get the job done right. At High Style Painting, we will first meet with you to do a proper removal assessment. A small sample test removal will be performed on the wall in questions, which is reattached afterwards, and an evaluation will be provided. Our professional wall paper removers will have a far more educated idea as to the difficulty of removal and what the final condition of the wall will be after the removal. 




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There are multiple techniques used to remove wallpaper. All techniques do not work on all types of wallpaper removal projects, and techniques may need to be combined to achieve the desired result. The key to success with wallpaper removal is to determine which techniques are best fitted for the job given the type of wallpaper and wall type. Once the undesired wallpaper is removed, the surface underneath the wallpaper will need to be re-textured and painted to match adjacent walls. The professional painters at High Style Painting are experts at wallpaper removal and will restore your walls for a seamless, aesthetically pleasing look. High Style Painting is a very experienced wallpaper removal contractor in Madison. Once we are done with your wallpaper removal project, nobody will be able to tell that your walls were layered with wallpaper.

In order to remove wallpaper over the selected area, Paint One will remove light switches and electrical covers that might conceal wallpaper material. High Style Painting will determine the best combination of techniques to use to remove your wallpaper. For example, if the wall surface behind the wallpaper was not sealed properly with a primer before the wallpaper was applied, removing the wallpaper using the wrong technique will cause damage to the wall.

Once all the wallpaper is removed, High Style Painting will dispose of the debris in a clean and organized manner. The wall on which the wallpaper was affixed may require patching and sanding prior to being primed for the final color finish which High Style Painting will do as part of the project.

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